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Our Mission

Inform, advise and guide talent acquisition teams on the strategies, tools, solutions and HR medias that would be the most appropriate, impactful and cost-effective to their recruitment needs.

Our Added Values

  • One stop contact to shed light on more than 250 job sites, tool and specialized recruitment medias!

    • Which sites / medias are at your disposal to answer your needs?
    • How to maximize your visibility? Which media should you prioritize?

    • What tools could help you maximize your recruitment?


Let us assist you with the management, centralization, negotiations and contracting of your packages and unit purchases with the selected suppliers.

  • Get the market price and sometimes better because of our broker role!
  • Which packages should you consider?
  • What are the inclusions related to your investments?
  • What are the costs (quality / cost ratio)?

Time Saving

Save time by outsourcing the management of your job postings. When we contract media buying on your behalf, we lighten your operations by coordinating and displaying your job postings on the selected medias.

*Certain conditions apply.

Your Performance

Take advantage of our expertise to analyze your results and to identify the most powerful and profitable medias.

  • How to calculate your ROI?

  • How to interpret your results?

  • How to better optimize?